One Tree Hill

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Extremely High Resolution Stock Photograph Landscape with Lone Oak Tree (ca. 20' x 12' @ 100 un-upresed) (Michael Halberstadt)
Extremely High Resolution Stock Photograph Landscape with Lone Oak Tree (ca. 20′ x 12′ @ 100 un-upresed) (Michael Halberstadt)

Past the Mc Mansions, the few remaining horse and cattle pastures, way up in the Eastern Foothills above the City of San Jose and Silicon Valley is an Open Space Preserve.  The Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve affords fantastic views in two directions.

Looking down to Silicon Valley there’s a panoramic view only obstructed by what for a brief moment in this drought are emerald green hills. Look the other direction and you’ll see some what much of California looks like, or at least looked like before urban sprawl- rolling hills dotted with oaks.

I’ve been up here a few times, and have really fallen in love with the place. And as it happens it’s the perfect location for making extra-large stitched panoramas. For example, one of the images in the group is stitched from 48x21 megapixel photos. Opened up in Photoshop as 8bit that’s about 5 gigabytes of data. Of course much of that is honed down – overlap is required to successfully stitch all those images together.

Making these photos requires a few things. Patience, time, a subject that doesn’t move and lots of memory on my cards.  Fortunately I had all four of those. The end result are images that could be enlarged to extremes. One file would print interpolated (not upresed) to 36’ x 8’ (ca. 10 x 2.5 meters) @100 ppi.

Now all I have to do is find a client that needs to make a really really big print.