Bi-Polar Santa Clara

At least I had one pole- this is a somewhat unique view of Santa Clara’s Civic Center Park and Fountain. With the drought over, there’s water in the fountain unlike last time I came here. While I came here with a pole (mono-polar?) There was a guy in the corner of the park shouting insults at me as I photographed. I was a bit worried but he never came too close. Eventually another vagrant came buy and the had a shouting match beneath the gaze of Saint Claire and my new Sony A6500.

Civic Center Park, Santa Clara, California, USA
Civic Center Park, Santa Clara, California, USA

Civic Center Park, Santa Clara, California, USA
Civic Center Park, Santa Clara, California, USA


Greetings from San Diego

Greetings from San Diego…..

Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Alcazar Gardens, Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /

To be honest, I’m actually back home in the San Francisco Bay Area. But I’ve been busy processing my stock photos from a trip down to Southern California to cover an event unrelated to my Silicon Valley Stock shtick.

Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /

My first uploads are of Balboa Park. The park is a historic district, much of which was built for the Panama Pacific Expo (I think).

Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /

I tried to put all my tricks into use here. Lots of aerial shots, a few architecturally correct shift photos, and a few long daylight exposures as well.

Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Museum of Man, Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /

The area is just sooo beautiful and well suited to photography. I hope to return and spend more time down there.

Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Long daylight exposure, Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /
Balboa Park, San Diego (M. Halberstadt /

Back to Oakland (Again!)

Downtown Oakland California (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo: Festival in Downtown Oakland California (Michael Halberstadt)

Before working a gig I had a little while to get some stock photo shooting in. I don’t even remember the name of the event, it was a pre-party for a half marathon taking place the next day. In any case I had a few minutes to get some of those slightly aerial views I like doing so much. Not quite drone or quadcopter height, just a little higher than the human eye.

Just a medium turnout in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, right in front of City Hall. In some of the shots you can see the Tribune Tower or the City Hall from the other.

Since Oakland appears to be finally sick with Dot-com fever, I’ve got the sense there’s going to be more need for stock photos.

Stay tuned!

Downtown Oakland California (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo: Festival in Downtown Oakland California (Michael Halberstadt)
Downtown Oakland California (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo: Festival in Downtown Oakland California (Michael Halberstadt)

New Unique Stock Photo Galleries added to the Library

I’ve been plotting and scheming – trying to showcase stock photographs I have that are unique in one way or another.

So I’ve put together a few new galleries. There are a couple of topics to disseminate:

San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo of Slightly Elevated view of Cable Car turnabout – San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)

Unique Technique: Unique slightly aerial perspective
This is looking slightly down using a special secret technique) I’m calling that Looking down at ______. I’ve got a gallery setup in that category for Silicon Valley and Seattle (and environs.)

Seattle (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo: Slightly Elevated view of the Original Starbucks, Seattle (Michael Halberstadt)
Extremely High Resolution Stock Photograph Landscape with Lone Oak Tree (printable at ca. 20' x 10' @ 100 ppi un-upresed) (Michael Halberstadt)
Extremely High Resolution Stock Photograph Landscape with Lone Oak Tree (printable at ca. 20′ x 10′ @ 100 ppi un-upresed) (Michael Halberstadt)

Unique Technique: Very, Very large files
I’ve been working on expanding my really large files library. I can also do custom shots as needed. I’ve got a few photos that are in the gigapixel range.

 (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo: Silicon Valley Skyline (prints about 5’x11′ @100ppi uninterpolated) (Michael Halberstadt)

I’m tempted to overdramatize this process as I found here with this Bentley ad. Basically it’s a bunch of bullshit, here’s a snippet of how they make their technique sound interesting:

Impressive, eh? Bentley created the massive photo by stitching together 700 separate photos using NASA’s panorama stitching technology — the same kind used to create panoramas of Mars shot by the Curiosity rover. In all, the project took 6 months to plan, 6 days to shoot, and 2.5 months to retouch.

“An incredible 4,425 times larger than a typical smartphone image, this extraordinary photograph is made up of approximately 53 billion pixels (or 53,000 megapixels),” Bentley writes. “The result, if reproduced in standard print format, would be the size of a football field.”

But this is using the same gear I’ve got. Plus it’s not sharp, except the car. And the car shot has so much detail it has to be fake. If the photo was made as they claimed almost a kilometer away in an area where there’s also always wind, this just isn’t possible. The photographer here was Simon Stock (the photographer equivalent of a “porn name”- a surname “stock.”) I guess the lesson to learn here is that gross exaggeration (or worse) is how to sell yourself and product.

Oakland (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo of the 9th Ave. Terminal (Brooklyn Basin) Oakland (Michael Halberstadt)

Unique Technique: Long Exposure
My setup allows me to take really long exposures, even during the day. This can make for a really unusual look- especially when the main subject is stationary: architecture, landscape etc and also includes motion: water, clouds, etc.

Bay Bridge Stock Photo (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
You Can’t Take this Photo anymore (taken from the demolished old section)Bay Bridge Stock Photo (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

Unique Access:
This is where I’ve been able to photograph with special access. For example I managed to gain access to some high rises in San Jose and Oakland and get some really unique shots, or the San Francisco Bay Bridge during construction and BART with a tripod.

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
Bank of America (former Bank of Italy) Landmark Historic Building in downtown San Jose (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
Embarcadero BART Station (Michael Halberstadt)
Stock Photo: Embarcadero BART Station (Michael Halberstadt)

And of course there’s all the usual stock photo stuff. Let me know if you don’t find what you’re looking for. I added a new item to the SiliconValleyStock webpage to make photo requests. Due to some changes at my old stock photo library to which I contributed, I’m gonna have to be much more proactive about selling my own work.

Wish me luck!

Soviet San Francisco

San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)
2016 Russian Victory in Europe celebration in San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)

I’d been meaning to get out and do something productive. This time I opted to head over to San Francisco. It was an overcast Sunday morning and I figured at least there’d be plenty of free parking. And in fact I found a decent spot right around from Google’s SF HQ (and Firefox that I actually photographed.)

Firefox, San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)
Firefox, San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)

From the Embarcadero I headed toward the San Francisco Ferry Building. I think that’s still a popular spot and thought a few aerial shots were in order. I got a few verticals in – even managing to get a bunch of patrons at the Market Bar to comment on my rig.

San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)
Cable Car turnabout from above San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)

From there I headed for a straight on view. I got a few good shots in – I think at least. But I noticed something odd. Off to my left I saw a few people in military garb and Soviet flags flying. At first I thought it was some hipster kids who think Communism is cool, yet know nothing about the subject at all. Boy was I wrong. On arriving I heard one of my favorite old pinko tunes: Katjuscha (I know the DDR version.) In addition to the Soviet red flag with hammer and sickle, there were modern red, white and blue Russian flags and a our very own stars and stripes in the mix as well. I asked one of the ladies what the occasion was. Turns out they were celebrating Victory in Europe day (a day early- not sure if it was because they could have the day off or that’s how Russia celebrates their victory.) It was cool none-the-less.

San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)
Civic Center Farmer’s Market, San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)

The next aerial views I decided to try were the City Hall area. There was a movie being filmed there- adding lots of clutter and parking issues. But I did my best to hid that. There was also the Asian Art Museum and Library behind me that seemed stock photo worthy. And it turned out to be Farmer’s Market day at the United Nations Plaza. I got what I could.

San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)
Ferry Terminal from Above, San Francisco, CA (Michael Halberstadt)

For some reason I thought it was closer than it was, but I also thought the turn around for the cable cars area would be a good “from above” spot. And it was. I think these will sell- it’s a very common stock photo subject, but the aerial view is different enough I think to make my shots unique.

(this last photo is a link to my San Francisco gallery)


Above San Jose

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
New City Hall and San Jose as seen from above (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

A few years ago, I managed to get access to a few tall buildings in Downtown San Jose. In migrating my images from my old Zenfolio account to my present Photoshelter site, I managed to miss most of the “from above” photos taken in 2010.

Bank of Italy, San Jose, CA (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt, ©Michael Halberstadt, Michael Halberstadt)
Bank of America Building (formerly Bank of Italy) at Sunset from above, San Jose, CA ©Michael Halberstadt

I don’t know how I managed to miss them, but I was searching for a few of them for another project and their absence came to my attention. On the plus side, reprocessing the same images has some benefits. My Lightroom skills have improved over the last half decade as has Lightroom.

New City Hall, San Jose, California (Photographer: ©Michael Halberstadt)
New City Hall, San Jose, California (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt, ©Michael Halberstadt, Michael Halberstadt)

Looking at these images also reminded me I have to update my library. The winter solstice is coming up – perhaps the best time of year to arrange for more such shoots. Usually photographing from somebody else’s building requires a representative to be with me while I work. That’s a bit of a hassle in the summer when twilight is almost bedtime. Plus the smog that typically envelopes the south bay gets washed away semi-regularly in winter.

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
Vintage Tower and New City Hall, San Jose (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

So no I need to figure out how I can update my picture library. San Jose has been growing and the skyline has changed a lot in the interim. If you know of any residents or property managers at any of the high rises in or around downtown, please hook me up!

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
Legacy Vintage Towers and San Jose Skyline (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

To see some of the photos in the Above San Jose series, follow this link: HERE.