Guess Where in Silicon Valley: May

Dear Comrades, can you guess where this was taken? On this May Day edition of Guess Where in Silicon Valley, I’m throwing a bone to the proletariat. Hint, this piece of wall was once in Berlin, but now is home in Silicon Valley. No cheating, don’t look it up!

Section of the Berlin Wall on Display at the Mountain View Main Library, Silicon Valley, California

Guess Where in Silicon Valley: March

Thought it would be fun to have a contest to guess where a photo was taken. Preferably something interesting of course. Here’s the first of March edition, 2017. Note, that I define “Silicon Valley” very broadly to include the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

For locals to this area, this one should be easy given the sign. Post on the comments below to win a prize*.

Posey Tube Alameda

*The prize is my undying gratitude, or at least some gratitude