Vintage Technology as Art?

Obsolete Technology: 16mm Movie Film
Obsolete Technology: 16mm Movie Film

All this stock photo stuff can get to you….. most of it is well worn cliches. I guess not all of my stock photography is very cliche- but none-the-less I’ve been itching to do something related to my niche “Silicon Valley” theme.

35mm Movie Film Canister

As such, I’ve started a theme: obsolete technology.

Of late I’ve been photographing movie film ephemera. I picked up a few rolls canisters of movie film from Last Chance Mercantile in the Monterey Bay area. Basically it’s a thrift store at a garbage dump. They just pull the interesting stuff out of the trash and sell it.

16mm Movie Film Canister

At one point LCM had a stack of films, complete with the chrome film canisters in green cardboard carrying cases. At the time I wasn’t sure what I would do with them. But they were interesting. Interesting in an analog sort of way. Like the cases had a patina, the chrome had scrapped off the edges of the canisters. And most interestingly they had lots of handwriting and labels.

This is an ongoing project- I’ll report back with more work.