Silicon Valley Stock Photos- Local Tourism

Aside from chasing autonomous cars, I covered a little other Silicon Valley local tourism. 

Plaza de César Chávez
Plaza de César Chávez

Plaza de Cesar Chavez in downtown San Jose was nice and tidy. And with those colorful chairs out I thought it a good opportunity to shoot some stock.

Circle of Palms Plaza
Circle of Palms Plaza

And I wandered over to the San Jose Museum of Art too.

And took a look at what changes have come to the Googleplex. Guess the latest android operating system is “Oreo”.

Gingerbread Ass

Then I headed to the “Android Graveyard” (I think Google calls it the Android Sculpture Garden, but whatever….)

And I had a handy Google Now reminder I setup to pull out my Android toys whenever I’m at the Googleplex. And it worked! I broke out my Android toy and set him next to his larger brother (or sister? our Green Robot is quite androgynous.)

I almost forgot- I also visited Shoreline Park in Mountain View. There’s also the Rengsdorf House from back in the day when Mountain View was rural.

Setting my sites on home, I thought it might be a good time to revisit Youtube HQ in San Bruno.

Youtube HQ

There was a lot of security out front. There had been a shooting at the site a few weeks earlier. One of the security guards was a total d!ck telling me I couldn’t photograph from the sidewalk, then giving me sh!t when I told him I could. Another lady followed me and aggressively asked why I was photographing the building. Argh!