A Belated May Roundup…..

I’ve been trying to dump all relevant stock photos from a month of stock shootin’ on the web. A while back Godaddy- one of my hosts, changed some settings screwing up my “imagefarm” that I setup a couple years back. 

But alas, I finally found the setting and fixed it.

So here’s a Lightroom Web Gallery for last May:

Tesla Testing

Tesla being Tested

Intel Museum

Intel Museum, Silicon Valley

A Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM

Knightscope Robots

Security Robot

Hacker Dojo

Hacker Dojo



That Android Graveyard again

Droid Statue

Mercedes-Daimler Silicon Valley Research

Mercedes Logo as seen Around the MBRDNA

GM- Cruise Automation

Cruise Automation Self Driving Car

Legion of Honor

Girls Photographing Art

Google Alphabet Waymo Chrysler minivan in the wild

Waymo's Autonomous Chrysler minivan

Intel’s “Garage” in Silicon Valley

Self Driving Car


The Legion of Honor

Legion of Honor, Museum in San Francisco, CA

After purchasing a lens, I found myself in San Francisco wondering what to do before going home. I pulled up my Google My Maps – and I have a map of stock photo related stuff to photograph in SF.

Legion of Honor, Museum in San Francisco, CA

Not too far away was The Legion of Honor. I have fond memories of the place. My soon-to-be girlfriend and later wife Bridget and I flirted there on a field trip. My step dad and mom took us kids there for a visit to the museum and we picnicked out front.

Legion of Honor, Museum in San Francisco, CA

This time I intended to make this a short trip. Traffic in the Bay Area is insane now, and I try to avoid driving over the Bay Bridge after 3pm or before 7pm. Fortunately I have reciprocal membership from the San Jose Museum of Art, allowing me to rush in-and-out of museums without trying to squeeze the last $15 out of the entry fee.

Legion of Honor, Museum in San Francisco, CA

In any case I got a few good shots inside and out I think. But hope to return soon and spend a bit more time.

Legion of Honor, Museum in San Francisco, CA