Above San Jose

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
New City Hall and San Jose as seen from above (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

A few years ago, I managed to get access to a few tall buildings in Downtown San Jose. In migrating my images from my old Zenfolio account to my present Photoshelter site, I managed to miss most of the “from above” photos taken in 2010.

Bank of Italy, San Jose, CA (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt, ©Michael Halberstadt, Michael Halberstadt)
Bank of America Building (formerly Bank of Italy) at Sunset from above, San Jose, CA ©Michael Halberstadt

I don’t know how I managed to miss them, but I was searching for a few of them for another project and their absence came to my attention. On the plus side, reprocessing the same images has some benefits. My Lightroom skills have improved over the last half decade as has Lightroom.

New City Hall, San Jose, California (Photographer: ©Michael Halberstadt)
New City Hall, San Jose, California (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt, ©Michael Halberstadt, Michael Halberstadt)

Looking at these images also reminded me I have to update my library. The winter solstice is coming up – perhaps the best time of year to arrange for more such shoots. Usually photographing from somebody else’s building requires a representative to be with me while I work. That’s a bit of a hassle in the summer when twilight is almost bedtime. Plus the smog that typically envelopes the south bay gets washed away semi-regularly in winter.

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
Vintage Tower and New City Hall, San Jose (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

So no I need to figure out how I can update my picture library. San Jose has been growing and the skyline has changed a lot in the interim. If you know of any residents or property managers at any of the high rises in or around downtown, please hook me up!

 (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)
Legacy Vintage Towers and San Jose Skyline (Photographer: Michael Halberstadt)

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